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Most people consider cleaning gutters to be the nastiest job on their "to do" list, they can be high up, dirty, smelly, and full of all kinds of creatures. So Gutter cleaning is often postponed at the first suggestion. Homeowners who do clean their gutters are also a greater risk of injury from ladder falls. Every year over 100,000 homeowners fall off ladders and are seriously injured*. Many fall from heights as low as 10 feet and spend an average of $4,000 on hospital co-pays,prescription drugs, lost wages and physical therapy.

Rain Mover gutter protection is a unique high quality, low cost, fiber filter that installs along the gutter line and over the hangers or spikes. The patent pending design is manufactured from 100% post consumer recycled PET fiber. It will eliminate gutter clogs, period.

The #1 Leaf Stopper™ is a versatile gutter protection system designed to work with most residential gutters. It's made using high quality aluminum which adds strength to your existing gutters while it keeps them free from debris that clogs them causing potential property damage.

Gutter Insert Pro is a foam filter insert that prevents leaves and large debris from clogging your gutters while allowing rainwater to flow through the gutter system.

Gutter Edge is a drip edge that will keep your gutters looking new. The product is installed above on the right side of the picture. You can see how the gutter is free of striping.

Product Comparisons
There are plenty of gutter protection products are on the market today and while all promise superior quality and lasting performance none can be considered 100% maintanance free. We recommend that you inspect your gutter system in the fall or spring or both depending on your tree line.

#1 Leafstopper Manufacturer
or Dealer Direct
Easy Installation by ContractorNo Roof ContactAluminumAvailable in 5
standard colors
Low profile
blends with roof line
Rain MoverManufacturer
or Dealer Direct
Simple Installation by Dealer or ConsumerNo Roof Contact100% American Recycled Post Consumer ContentNoNot Visible
Gutter Insert Pro Manufacturer
or Dealer Direct
Simple Installation by Dealer or ConsumerNo Roof ContactPoly-etherNoNot Visible
Gutter Armor Contractor Direct, DealerComplex Installations by DealerNoAluminumYesHigh Profile
Gutter HelmetContractor Direct, FranchiseeComplex Installation by FranchiseeYesAluminumYesHigh Profile
Gutter TopperContractor DirectSimple Installation by ContractorYesAluminumYesLow Profile
Leaf GuardContractor Direct, FranchiseeComplex Installation by FranchiseeNoAluminumYesHigh Profile
Leaf ProofContractor DirectEasy Installation by ContractorNo
Slides Under Shingles
AluminumYesLow Profile
WaterloovContractor Direct, FranchiseeEasy Installation by ContractorNo
Slides Under Shingles
AluminumYesHigh Profile

*statistics from Consumer Protection Agency and OSHA