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#1 Leaf Stopper™ is a great gutter solution for home and business owners in Avondale, West Grove, Chadds Ford & Kennett Square....Chester County, PA. Call us today at 610.388.2322 or 855-374-6001 for a guaranteed gutter solution!

#1 Leaf Stopper™ can handle more than 22" of rainfall in one hour... that's more than 34 feet of water in 24 hours.
The #1 Leaf Stopper™ is a versatile gutter protection system designed to work with most residential gutters. It's made using high quality aluminum which adds strength to your existing gutters while it keeps them free from debris that clogs them causing potential property damage.

Independently tested, The #1 Leaf Stopper™ can handle more than 22" of rainfall in one hour... that's more than 34 feet of water in a 24 hour period. Virutally invisible from the ground, The #1 Leaf Stopper™ enhances your home's curb appeal and it is very affordable.

The #1 Leaf Stopper

  • Does not allow leaves and debris to collect on top due to its sloped and ribbed design
  • Its unique four rib design actually strengthens your gutter system
  • Its double thick wehr prevents water spill-over at the gutter lip.
  • Fastens to the fascia board and the lip of the gutter using zip screws.
  • Helps stop gutter overflows that could damage landscaping, walls, foundations and basement
  • Keeps birds and pests from nesting in the gutters
  • Helps protect against harmful mold, mildew and rot

The #1 Leaf Stopper™ protection is only part of the story. It adds to the appeal of your home.

  • Custom fit and attractive design
  • Available in 5 standard colors: white, light gray, light bronze, royal brown and charcoal
  • Low profile blends with roof line
  • No unsightly mounting brackets or hangers are required

The #1 Leaf Stopper Specifications
  • Three sizes to fit most gutter systems (4½" for fascia gutters, 5" for standard and 6" for larger gutters)
  • .019 thick aluminum for strength
  • ¼" profile prevents product visibility from the ground
  • Backed by a 5 year material warranty
  • Double thick metal at the gutter lip where it counts.
"You wouldn't buy a new car and drive it off the lot and never change the oil"
  • Remember routine maintenance is recommended with any gutter guard product
  • Every tree line if every maintenance schedule is different
  • If the sun and wind don't work together at your home... then periodically gutter guard tops should be blown off.
  • Valley areas on your roof - where two roof line come together - should be monitored. 
Some people may never have to touch their gutters again due to their tree line and forces of nature (wind) that will blow debris from them. We do recommend that you check the valley areas (typical collection area for leaves and debris) at least once a year to see if some minor maintenance is required. We can do it for you.

Remember your house is probably your biggest single investment and to protect it and your family's health is of utmost importance. Mosquitoes are known carriers of many diseases including the potentially deadly West Nile Virus, and clogged rain gutters are one of the most overlooked breeding sites for mosquitoes around homes.

#1 Leaf Stopper also provides excellent protection against Mosquitoes and other pests that would like to live or breed in the gutter, this is very important protection as the gutter is a primary place around the home where mosquitoes breed. Gutters can quickly become a large water container and it is a short step from there to it becoming a real live swamp. Gutter overflow and standing water can also have an adverse effect on the foundation and basement of the home where dampness can foster an environment for termites and other invasive pests and for the growth of mold and mildew.

*statistics from Consumer Protection Agency and OSHA

The #1 Leaf Stopper™ is proudly made in the USA on world-class roll forming machines in a plant near CIncinnati, Ohio.