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We use low pressure spray and a special blend of chemicals that will not damage your roof. We also take steps to insure that your plants around the foundation of your home are not damaged.

Why clean the algae from my roof?
  • The algae causes damage to the granules in your shingles and shortens the life expectancy of your roof. The algae take root in the protective granules of your shingles and begin to feed on the crushed limestone. As the granules are broken down, the base layer of the shingle becomes exposed to the harmful UV rays of the sun causing premature aging of the shingle.
  • The algae darkened shingles retain excess heat and moisture. The extra heat and moisture magnify the harmful effects of the sun's UV rays further accelerating the shingle aging process.
  • The extra heat and moisture from the algae also keep additional heat inside of your home. Surface temperatures of algae darkened shingles can be 10% to 20% higher than clean shingles. This extra heat causes your air conditioning system to work that much harder to cool your home. The more your air conditioner has to work, the higher your energy costs. It is just like having an A/C unit that is too small or ineffecient for your home.
  • Algae, like other spores, become airborn. They can travel from roof top to roof top. People who suffer from seasonal allergies can also be affected by airborn spores. Windy days can get these tiny spores moving!
What we do
  • We will spray your roof with a special blend of cleaners and chemicals designed to kill the plant matter that is eating your roof.
  • As the chemical sits on your roof and makes contact with the gloeocapsa magma (roof algae), it begins to loosen the algae's hold on your shingles.
  • Without a firm hold on the shingles, the algae can be safely removed without any granule loss to the shingles.
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The Results
  • Your roof will look almost brand new when we leave. The unsightly black streaks will be gone and any spots of heavy lichen will die and change colors in a few weeks. Lichen's roots take a very strong grip on your shingle granules and need some extra time before they release. The lichen roots will become very brittle, and after a few rainstorms the lichen will disappear. Lichen usually makes up less than 2% of the roof problems in this area, therefore your roof will look just about perfect when we leave.
  • Moss is another roof eating plant that will die when we spray it with our cleaners, but will remain on the roof for a few weeks. Moss also has a deep root system that will take granules off if you try to forcibly remove the moss from the roof before the roots get brittle.
Our cleaning method does not harm plants.
  • We rinse all plants down before, during and after the cleaning process.
  • We put collection bags on all downspots to collect any runoff of the cleaning chemicals.
  • After a very short period of time, the roof cleaning solution neutralizes on your roof and will come off with the rain as a biodegradable byproduct!