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#1 Leaf Stopper™ Video

The #1 Leaf Stopper™ is a versatile gutter protection system designed to work with most residential gutters. It's made using high quality aluminum which adds strength to your existing gutters while it keeps them free from debris that clogs them causing potential property damage.

Independently tested, The #1 Leaf Stopper™ can handle more than 22" of rainfall in one hour... that's more than 34 feet of water in a 24 hour period. Virutally invisible from the ground, The #1 Leaf Stopper™ enhances your home's curb appeal and it is very affordable.

Rain Mover Video

Rain Mover gutter protection is a unique high quality, low cost, fiber filter that installs along the gutter line and over the hangers or spikes. The patent pending design is manufactured from 100% post consumer recycled PET fiber.

Rain Mover is easily installed. It comes with a Peel & Seal outdoor durable construction glue backing that allows it to be fixed tightly to the back of the gutter line or fascia board below the last shingle in a straight line over the hangers or the spikes. The tapered front is then tucked tightly under the lip of the gutter forming a very secure and tight fit from front to back; this tight fit also allows the filter to greatly resist downward force that might be put on it in winter by snow or Ice without diminishing the filtering capability of the Fiber.

Rain Mover is the green solution to clogged gutter problems. that is made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic water bottles, plastic milk cartons, soft drink bottles etc. Melted, treated and then reformed into fiber sheets Rain Mover fiber filter inserts are an environmentally sustainable use of discarded plastic containers ...a practical application of recycling that can contribute immensely to a reduction in the quantity of plastics going into landfills reducing our carbon footprint.